Thought leadership, cross-industry collaboration, market validation, and stakeholder engagement

The Carbon Movement (TCM) uses the ENGAGE program to foster thought leadership, exchange of innovative ideas, and collaboration among professionals in the energy industry, transportation, building design/construction, research, and academia.


Our Approach 

At TCM we strive to engage multiple stakeholders from various sectors to ensures we can drive towards a more integrated solution that addresses the concerns of all with a greater potential to succeed.







Some of the events we have created to enable cross industry collaboration and engagement include: 


Climate, Energy & Tech Forum (CLEanTECH Forum)

Curated by The Carbon Movement, and hosted by local partners, CLEanTECH Forum serves as a collaborative platform for industry, academia, environmental non-profits, and government agencies to exchange ideas, introduce transformative initiatives, and build market awareness around the topics of climate change adaptation, distributed energy resources, energy management, and emerging technology research.

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Community Innovation Labs

Community driven approach for the identification of innovative solutions to regional energy and climate goals. Market validation of proposed programs, services and and climate action strategies. These events provide attendees the opportunity to build strategic collaborations necessary to accomplish big bold initiatives.

CLEanTECH Circles

Hosted in partnership with local industry stakeholders and non profit organizations, CLEanTECH Circles emphasize networking between clean-tech startup founders, investors, and community leaders. 

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