Climate, Energy and Tech FORUM


April 2, 2020


Los Angeles

Call for Speakers 

Hosted by The Carbon Movement, in collaboration with local partners, Climate, Energy & Tech Forum (CLEanTECH Forum), serves as a collaborative platform for industry, academia, environmental non-profits, and government agencies to exchange ideas, introduce transformative initiatives, and build market awareness around the topics of climate change adaptation, distributed energy resources, energy management, and emerging technology research.

The Carbon Movement:

  • Curates the most relevant presentations from industry and academia 

  • Provides opportunities for attendees to build strategic collaborations 

  • Serves as a collaborative platform for industry, government and academia

What Makes This a Must-Attend Event?

Comprehensive Program: CLEanTECH addresses the spectrum of distributed energy resources, including clean transportation and building decarbonization.

Objective and Insightful: A diverse range of academic and industry presentations provides an objective content and insights on the latest, cutting edge information 

Sharing and Networking: CLEanTECH emphasizes sharing knowledge, visions, aspirations, and networking. 

Key Stakeholder Engagement: Attendees are comprised of key leaders from academia, government, and industry with a stake in the clean energy economy.

Who Should Attend?

The event is intended for professionals from academia, government, and industry, and students who seek up to date knowledge on climate adaptive technology, building decarbonization, clean mobility, and other distributed energy resources.


The networking and sharing of information will be of key interest to regulators, public policy professionals, researchers, technology developers, system integrators, investors, urban planners, utilities, and other stakeholders who wish to understand the potential and challenges associated with the rapidly changing California energy landscape. 

General, Sponsorship, and Registration Questions:

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